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Hi!!! I am Daiwik Kashyap

About Me!!

Hi, I am Daiwik Kashyap. A 15 year old programmer or a brogrammer 😎😎 I had attended many Competitions in the field of robotics and programming, I am also a sports person. I play Table Tennis, Basket Ball or other fun sport. I have a good hand in coding in Python, CSS, HTML, php and C++. I study in Rainbow International School ,Nagrota Bagwan , H.P. , India. Born in Delhi, India 😝😝

My Achievements:

Some of my Achievements:

  • State Level IRC Runner Up (2017)
  • State Level IRC Winner (2018)
  • Project selected in ATL Marathon Top 100 (Smart Bin)
  • Project In 4th Rank All India WRO Atl School
  • Went for Internationals In Thailad (WRO)
  • Participated In WRO Chandigarh
  • Went To London For Cultural Exchange Programe
  • Project in CSC District Level
    • Slide image number 1 with plane
    • Slide image number 2 with Golden Gate Bridge
    • Slide image number 3 with Flatiron Building in New York